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Cards and postcards are a low cost way to get your message out. In fact, standard sized postcards around a third cheaper than printing, signing and enveloping regular sized letters.

Cards and postcards can have a high impact. Because a letter is enclosed in an envelope the consumer gets a chance to decide whether to open it or put it to one side. Many people will throw the letter away without even opening it.

However, with cards and postcards, there’s no envelope to hide the message. It’s almost impossible to throw it away without seeing its message.

Cards and postcards are simple to create and send.  There’s no assembling, collating, stuffing, licking envelopes etc. In fact. the hardest part of sending a postcard is putting on the stamp! And yes, we can even do that for you!  We can also organise door to door deliveries of your cards in specified roads, districts or even postcode areas.  Click here!

Jon Tarrant Creative Services provides Postcard Marketing Wirral for businesses and organisations in Wirral, Manchester, Liverpool and Chester and throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside.

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3 Tips for your successful postcard marketing Wirral campaign

1. Keep Your Message Brief
Only use your postcard for lead generation. Don’t try to explain all the details – just give some teaser information to encourage your reader to take the next step. This might be visiting your website or calling your office.

2. Get Your Postcard Designed
Employ a designer to make sure all the space available on the postcard is used to best effect to give the reader an irresistible urge to take the next step. Make sure you use a compelling headline. That will be the most important part of your entire postcard. If you want to send them to your website show a picture of the site. If you want to make them call a phone number make the phone number as big as possible.

3. Address List Quality
Make sure your Mailing List is verified.  Remember, no matter what type of mailing you’re doing, the quality of the mailing list will determine its success. Any in house list will outperform a rented list and if you want to use a rented list make sure you use a list broker to help you.

Postcards make sense for almost any  business and using these postcard marketing tips you won’t go wrong.

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