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Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

Think about it – You are:

  • selling products or services you’ve selected
  • at a price you’ve set
  • promoted through print, the web and social media
  • to customers who buy from you


This entire process is Marketing.
It is supplying customers with what they want, at the price they are willing and able to pay.
This applies to all businesses, no matter what size, whether you’re selling vegetables from a market stall, aerospace components to Boeing, handicrafts on Etsy or Reflexology sessions.

Business owners often write a Marketing Plan when their business stops performing as it used to, or their goals change. However, writing your Marketing Plan before these changes occur can help you to evaluate the health of your business and assess new opportunities. If your business stops performing as it used to, then we can help you to reassess your marketing.

The Marketing Mix

Many people mistake marketing for advertising, but marketing is composed of four elements together known as the Marketing Mix – or “4 Ps”:

Product – what you sell
Price – how much you sell it for
Place – where you sell it
Promotion – how you advertise it

Whether you realised it or not, your business already has a marketing mix in place, either from a marketing professional or simply from your intuition based on your knowledge of your product and your customers.  However, a formal Marketing Strategy and Plan should be considered when problems arise such as the following:

  • Your sales are declining
  • Your sales are growing too slowly
  • You have just lost some key accounts to competitors
  • You want to expand into a new region/market/country
  • You think there’s a market for a new product/service
  • You wish you could reach more customers who would love your product

Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy defines the overall objectives of the business and the means of realising them. For many it is a simple goal of business growth, but it could be about increasing market share, opening a new market or launching a new product. Even a simple growth strategy would need to be planned and a means of achieving that growth defined.

Marketing Plan

Once the marketing strategy has been explored and defined, the Marketing Plan is a report which defines how those objectives will be met in terms of the Marketing Mix together with timescales, budgets, targets and so on.

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