Direct Mail Wirral


Direct mail is a method of advertising directly to consumers via the post or door-to-door deliveries.

Direct Mail Wirral

Businesses can distribute printed adverts, letters, coupons etc to large groups of consumers.

Postal services offer bulk-mail rates which lower the cost of mailing, and we use verified door-to-door distribution services.

Direct mail is useful in many situations, and is limited only by the imagination or requirements of the advertiser.

  • Retailers use direct mail to advertise new products and services and to distribute coupons.
  • Charities use it to raise funds or recruit volunteers.
  • Almost any sales pitch can be made via direct mail.


To create a direct mail mailing, we help you to create an ad that will appeal to a substantial number of people. We then organise the printing and distribution to a defined group of people or addresses, depending on the potential audience of the ad. That could be a specific postcode area, particular demographic, or an entire nation.


Advertisers find direct mail appealing for a number of reasons.

  • It delivers their message directly to the consumer. While consumers might walk away from a television ad or flip past a newspaper ad, they will always look at their post.
  • Advertisers can direct their message as narrowly or broadly as they want, using bulk mailing rates.
  • By receiving the mail at home, direct mail puts the advertiser’s message in the hands of the consumer at the time the consumer might be likely to read it, along with the rest of the mail

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